Subjects and Objects of Competition

4. Projects/designs to participate in the Amorph Natural Stone Project and Design Competition should be designed in the following subjects:

  1. Design projects for the evaluation and commercialisation of marble wastes,
  2. Alternative outdoor designs including, without limitation, outdoor furniture, iconic buildings (landmarks), urban furniture, statues, dividing components, siding, lighting and applications thereof,
  3. Alternative indoor designs including, without limitation, furniture, accessories, dividing components, wainscoting, lighting and applications thereof,
  4. Natural stone-oriented empirical research, ideas and designs (studies supporting any innovative sustainable ideas for the reuse of wastes and leading to the development of such ideas).

Natural Stone Project and Design Competition is intended for

  • Developing producible, environmentally-sensitive, sustainable projects with high added value and strong in design in natural stone exports,
  • Enhancing the competitive power for natural stone exports,
  • Contributing to the sectorial development and national economy,
  • Having companies in the natural stone sector and professional designers, architects and interior decorators who are interested in the sector as well as people from professional branches which will support multidisciplinary works with the sector and reward the successful designers in this field,
  • Contributing to the building culture and natural stone-based empirical material studies and support creative ideas and projects in Turkey,
  • Emphasising the importance of design and application in the Turkish natural stone sector and encourage the idea of design,
  • Contributing to the development of life styles in the near future (internet of objects, smart building projects, etc.) by using technological opportunities.


Please find the conditions for participating in the competition:

  • To have turned 25 years of age but not having turned 50 years of age as of the date of application for the competition (to have been born between December 31, 1973 and January 1, 1998).
  • Open to those who have graduated from the BA and MA programmes of the faculties of Architecture, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Designing and design-related programmes of other faculties of universities as of the date of application for the competition. Participants may participate in the competition as individuals or teams. A team may only be consisted of three members. It is required that each member of a team must have graduated from BA or MA programmes. Applications of those candidates who file an application but fail to fulfil the condition of graduation will not be considered valid.


1) Cash Prizes

Prize for First Place TRY 125.000

Prize for Second Place TRY 75.000

Prize for Third Place TRY 50.000

2) Production Subsidy

3) Overseas Education Scholarship Prize

4) International Publicity Prize




JULY 3, 2023


OCTOBER 9, 2023, 5:00 PM