Owing to its geographical location, Turkey has a great advantage in terms of fish and fishery products. Turkey has 8.333 km. of coast line, and the surrounding seas are rich in diversity of fish species. Natural richness including inland resources provides a major advantage in having a large variety of aquatic species. Total annual fishery production of Turkey is over 540.000 tons, including fresh water production.

Aquaculture is a promising  sector in Turkey. Fish farms cultivate especially sea bass, gilt head bream, rainbow trout and bluefin tuna. The current fish farms are particularly located in the Aegean region and aquaculture facilities completely adapted to EC norms. Fresh and chilled fish take most part of the fishery exports in terms of value, followed by mollusks, frozen fish and fish fillets. Crustaceans and mollusks are other products of which both production and exports increased significantly in the recent years. Valuing according to the optimum climate, the most common species are octopus, baby clam, spider crab, spiny lobster, European lobster, jellyfish, European flat oyster, squid, shrimp and cuttlefish. 

Turkish poultry sector, achieving a corporate structure, produces over 2 million tones chicken and turkey meat, as whole and cuts, boneless, skinless, ready meals, charcuterie and convenience products. Almost 90 % of production is chicken meat. Attaining 19 billions of egg production per year, sector has a surplus to export.  In view of the production capability of the sector, most of the production facilities nave an integrated chain incorporating breeding, feed production, incubation and slaughter houses. HACCP and GMP systems are practiced during production with "halal food certification". 

Turkey produces almost 19 million tons of milk per year. Many investments in the dairy processing industry adopting high technological standards have been especially realized in the last decade. Main dairy products are yogurt, cheese varieties, butter, pasteurized & UHT milk and ice cream. Owing to the geographical proximity to her main export markets and using fresh milk for production, Turkish dairy industry has succeeded in generating strong brands. 

Over 4.500.000 beehives, Turkey is the second producer country for natural honey and has got a high scale of production in the world. Pine honey is produced in Aegean region and is very unique to Turkey with its taste and aroma. 95 % of world's pine honey production is made in Turkey. The other kinds of honey are sunflower, cotton, thyme, citrus, linden tree and chestnut tree.