Aegean Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association is serving its more than 930 member companies with a view of providing international business network and source of information. Association has been working with the aim of increasing export volume of furniture, paper and forestry products sectors, satisfying the needs of it members regarding international trade and providing cooperation among its members since its establishment in İzmir in 1940. The share of sectoral export comprises 11% of Turkey. 

Aegean furniture sector stands out with its high value-added, being lead in design, optional, ergonomic, functional, innovative products for households and offices. 

Turkey carrying on the legacy of Anatolia, home of world civilizations for thousands of years is ready to share its natural products cultivated with the fertility of its soil, diverse climates and nature with the people of the entire world. There are approximately 4.500 varieties of  Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in TURKEY and most of them are produced and exported from the Aegean Region. Popular herbs and spices are oregano, laurel leaves, linden, sage, rosemary, licorice linden, sage, rosemary and licorice. %95 of world laurel leaves export and %65 of world oregano are from TURKEY. 

Other export items of Association are mainly composed of wood and forestry products, papers and boards, cleaning papers, diapers, plants used for knit and weaving, musical instruments, toys, game and sports equipments etc.