Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporter’s Association was founded in 1966 for the purpose of uniting the exportes of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables located in the Aegean Region under a single roof. Basic goals of the association are to improve the reputation of the sectorand to carry out activities toward increasing exportation. With its more than 600 members and exportation of over 1 billion dollars to 180 countries annually, Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporter’s Association aims to be your permanent adress for tastiness and freshness.

Turkey is the leader producer country in cherry, sourcherry and fig. Among citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and mandarins are grown in the Aegean Region, Satsuma mandarin is the most important product produced and exported in the region. Aegean region is one of the most productive fields in Sultana, a seedless and yellowish green coloured type of grape. 

Apart from the convenience of climate conditions and fertileness of the land and as a result of modern agricultural methods, our region is lucky especially in terms of fruit, vegetables and products deriving from them. More than 50 types of processed fruits and vegetables are exported. Main processed products in our region are dried tomatoes, cucumber and pepper pickles, canned fruit and vegetables, frozen fruit and vegetables, dried tomatoes and vegetables, tomato paste, sauces, fruit juices.