As the one and only in its sector in Turkey, Aegean Tobacco Exporters’ Association (ATEA) located in Izmir, right at the heart of oriental tobacco production to improve exportation of tobacco and tobacco products of Turkey. As an affiliated organization of Ministry of Trade in Turkey, Aegean Tobacco Exporters’ Association aims to support the scientific researches in tobacco and tobacco products industry for a sustainable export goal as well as production quality and safety. 

The Association, established in 1969, also organize promotional activities to improve the reputation of Turkish tobacco and tobacco products such as oriental tobacco and nargile tobacco. Members of the Aegean Tobacco Exporters’ Association, nearly 50 companies, export products worth over 1 billion dollars per year.

Turkey is the top producer country of oriental tobacco which is the essential ingredient of American blend cigarettes thanks to its aromatic taste and smell. With more than 50 thousand contracted and specialized farmers, the highest quality orientals are grown under special conditions, unique to the areas in which the companies operate.